Friday, May 15, 2009


Last week my dog, Scarlet, had puppies. It was an accidental breeding and I was upset that it happened. When I first got her, I got her with the intention of breeding her and I did, once. The first litter was ok and I sold two of the puppies and kept two and one died.

After, that I decided not to breed anymore because I felt it was irresponsible for me to breed dogs when there are so many that need homes in shelters.

So anyway it had been three years and got lucky with keeping her away from male dogs when she went into heat. Then, this winter I was working in the yard and had her outside with me and my other dogs. I looked over and she and my daughter's dog, Cesar, were tied together. Nothing I could do then because you can't pull them apart without injuring one or both of them.

So, we have six beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Pomeranian puppies. I have been fortunate in that on the day I listed them in the newspaper I got three interested people and received one deposit. One of my friends from school is getting one and one of my daughter'sfriends is getting one. We decided to keep one, just couldn't help it.

When Scarlet had her first litter, they were pure breed CKCS pups. Unfortunately my male, Jack, died two years ago. One of the puppies she had was a tricolor and I sold her to my cousin. A decision I regret because she turned out to be a beautiful, loving dog that I would have loved to have. So this time we decided to keep one.

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