Monday, January 19, 2009


They are calling for snow where I live, 3-6 inches.  I live in Eastern, NC.  I went to the store this evening just to get something to eat before school.  The store was crowed, I am sure people were stocking up for the storm. I find this very amusing.  

I am from Baltimore and even though it does not snow alot, it is funny how in places were it hardly ever snows people kind of panic.  The school is opening two hours late and the county government and courts are closed.  Some doctor's offices are closed too.  I mean, it is only 3 inches of snow.

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Heat Styled Natural said...

My mother had the same problem with me. She's a single mom who worked as an RN and she cooked once or twice a week. There's three of us and now that we're old enough to buy our own food and contribute to the household, she cooks once a week and could care less if we ate it. Lol.